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Matchup/Game Thread Los Angeles Dodgers at Houston Astros 7:05 CDT

Mark Hendrickson Jason Jennings
4 - 5, 4.54 1 - 6, 4.76

If you hadn't head the news about Biggio, go read Alyson Footer's story at the official site, she breaks the news with much more grace than I could hope to achieve.

Now then, what else might there be to talk about? Our best pitcher is hurt, our best young hitter is hurt, and we're 15 games under .500.

And oh yeah, they've called up Jason Lane. He'll take Pence's place on the roster, but certainly not on the field.

When contending teams encounter a significant injury like Pence's, they get creative, looking to a young prospect if available, otherwise scouring the horizon for someone to plug in.

Losing teams simply look to the guy who'd lost his job to the guy who got hurt.

It's not a surprise that we see Lane on the roster this evening, but it sure is depressing nonetheless.

One of the few things the team has done well since the break ended is that our starters have thrown strikes. Except for JJ, that is.

In 8 games not started by Jennings, our other four starters have walked five men. That's five walks over 45-1/3 innings pitched. Meanwhile, Jennings has walked five men over two gams in 10-1/3.

Time to get with the program, Jason.