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Houston Astros @ Pittsburgh Pirates, 12:35 PM CST

Astros @ Pirates
Woody Williams VS Shane Youman
Woody Williams Shane Youman
4 - 11, 5.37 2 - 1, 4.24

Well if there is one good thing to take out of this series, it's that we broke the 6 game losing streak against the Pirates on Friday winning 2-1. But then again, last night we lost 3-7 with our hottest pitcher on the hill in Wandy Rodriguez. Today we send our potential 20 game loser in Woody Williams to face off with rookie Shane Youman who's made a total of 6 career starts.

Big Puma isn't going to start today for his 3rd straight game in a row. He was scheduled to sit Friday and Saturday and face struggling righty John Van Benschoten today, but the Pirates chose to throw Youman today who is a lefty, so it gives the Astros a good excuse to let Lance rest his annoying left hand bruise(which he has now named "George").

Lance Berkman has given the bruise on his left hand a name -- George. And according to Berkman, George isn't as bothersome as he has been in the past few days.

"It's just a big knot," Berkman said. "And it's 'knot' going away."
From here.

Hopefully "George" will go away so we can see Lance back in the lineup on Monday when we come home to face the Dodgers.
Astros Pirates
Burke, RF
Pence, CF
Lee, LF
Ensberg, 3B
Lamb, 1B
Bruntlett, SS
Ausmus, C
Williams, P
McLouth, CF
Kata, 3B
Sanchez, 2B
LaRoche, 1B
Nady, RF
Bay, LF
Doumit, C
Izturis, SS
Youman, P