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Houston Astros @ Pittsburgh Pirates, 6:05PM CST

Astros @ Pirates
Roy Oswalt VS Tom Gorzelanny
Roy Oswalt Tom Gorzelanny
8 - 6, 3.90 9 - 4, 3.24

Pirates VS Astros. Normally I would feel pretty confident that the Astros would mop up the Pirates, but no so this year as the Pirates are undefeated against the Astros. If there's anyone in the Astros rotation to break the 0-6 record against the Pirates this year, it's Roy Oswalt. Roy the Astros Ace looks to earn his 9th win of the season after going just 5.1 innings last time out and giving up a whopping 8 earned runs against the Cubs last week. Hopefully Roy can return to form and earn the Astros first win of the season against the Bucs.

Astros Pirates
Biggio, 2B
Burke, RF
Pence, CF
Lee, LF
Loretta, 1B
Ensberg, 3B
Bruntlett, SS
Ausmus, C
Oswalt, P
McLouth, CF
Kata, 3B
Sanchez, 2B
LaRoche, 1B
Doumit, RF
Bay, LF
Paulino, C
Wilson, SS
Gorzelanny, P

No Berkman tonight... I can only assume it's due to his sore hand(which he is supposed to be getting x-rays done on in the next few days). From reading Berkman's comments over the last few days, it sounds like he would like a few days off to rest his hand. It looks like he might get it. Bold and Fearless, Astros 7, Pirates 2 with Bruntlett going deep.