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Game Hero, 40 - 54

Chris Sampson
  • 6-2/3 IP, 2 ER, 6 H, 3K, 0 BB
  • Best Game Score for an Astros winning pitcher since Wandy's complete game
  • Continues to lead National League rookie starters in wins and innings pitched.
  • Pitcher's WPA of .207

All kinds of firsts going on, like Hunter Pence's first home run in an NL East ballpark. Or the team's first win in the second half. Or Roy O's first career hold. And of course, Brad Lidge's first save of the year.

But I think that Chris' performance trumped them all, in taking the decision in his first career assignment vs. the Nationals, and in the first truly qualitative start of the second half. He had the customary low strikeout total with three, but if you wanna see an eyepopping number, check out the groundball/flyball ratio at 15:2.

And 93 pitches, 60 strikes wasn't too bad, either.

The only thing he missed was the grand slam . . . .