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Should the Astros Rebuild?

And when I say rebuild... I mean dismantle and rebuild. The Astros have multiple players that could possible be traded away to bring in some good prospects. These players include(but not limited to) Mike Lamb, Mark Loretta, Morgan Ensberg, Chad Qualls, Dan Wheeler, Brad Lidge and Jason Jennings. I know some of these players are worth more than others, and some worth little to nothing(*cough*Ensberg*cough), but in there are teams with an actual chance at making the play offs that might want some of these players(especially Lidge) for their run to the playoffs.

With the Astros loss tonight(and the last 4 in a row), the Astros are sitting at a pitiful 39-54 record with a better shot of ending up with the worst record in baseball than making the playoffs. The Astros are 13.5 games back in the division and just 1 game out of last place in the division/league. In my opinion, if Purpura doesn't become active in the trade market and improve this club for next year, then he has been a complete failure. It honestly wouldn't hurt my feelings any if every player mentioned above was traded away(assuming the trades are smart) for prospects and other players to help us in the future. We need to look past this season... this season is over.

Another thing that needs to be done(which looks like it's starting to be done a little) is letting Chris Burke prove if he can be a productive everyday 2nd basemen for the future. It probably wouldn't hurt for Troy Patton to see some time in a big league uniform before the season is over as well... maybe when rosters expand at the latest.