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Astros By Run Differential

I forget who it was who said that you can blame the one-run losses on the manager, Leo Durocher, Walter Alston, someone like that.

After starting Loretta at short, I don't think there's any other decision that Garner made today which you could take issue with.

Biggio vs. the Marmol kid with the good slider seemed kind of foolhardy at the time, but I looked it up and Bidge had actually homered off him.

Maybe a little forethought and you let Loretta run in the seventh, but pinch-hit Bruntlett for Burke. Bruntlett was 1 for 1 off Wuertz, and it was a double. Or maybe you get OP for Burke in there somehow. OP wouldn't have struck out, and he has a three-RBI double off Wuertz on his resume.

But that kind of stuff is easy to do in hindsight; really, the only mistake Phil made was pencilling in Loretta's name at short.

Wandy sucked, kinda, sure, but the Loretta decision directly cost us two runs, I think.

Anyway, the team is dead, it's a little depressing for me, and making these tables is good therapy, so I made this. Think the information is pretty well available elsewhere, but the exercise calmed me down some.

Astros by Run Differential
W L Pct
In Games Decided by 1, 2 or 3 Runs 23 31 .426
In Games Decided by 4 or 5 Runs 10 10 .500
In Games Decided by More than 5, Less Than 10 4 10 .286
In Games Decided by 10 or More Runs 2 2 .500
W L Pct
In One-Run Games 11 15 .423
In Two-Run Games 6 10 .375
In Three-Run Games 6 6 .500
In Four-Run Games 4 6 .400
In Five-Run Games 6 4 .600
In Six-Run Games 1 3 .250
In Seven-Run Games 1 2 .333
In Eight-Run Games 1 3 .250
In Nine-Run Games 1 2 .333
In Ten-Run Games 0 1 .000
In Eleven-Run Games 0 0 ---
In Twelve-Run Games 1 0 1.000
In Thirteen-Run Games 1 1 .500
In Fourteen-Run Games 0 0 ---
In Fifteen-Run Games 0 0 ---
Overall 39 53 .424

Guess Phil is off the hook by Leo the Lip or Wally or whoever: our winning percentage in one-run games is almost exactly the same as it is overall.

I suppose we suck no matter which way you slice it.