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Matchup, Houston Astros at Chicago Cubs, 2:55 CDT

Roy Oswalt Ted Lilly
8 - 5, 3.53 8 - 4, 3.67

Dagnabbit, skunked again.

While 59% of the country will see the Astros-Cubs game broadcast in their area, rastronomicals is once again shut out on the Saturday matinee. Couldn't help but notice Joe in B'ham is, too.

Sorry, Joe! What say we head over to one of them game sites and play some gin rummy while we miss our beloved team?

I'd actually consider watching the Phillies and the Cardinals, but you know what? I'm not gonna give Fox the satisfaction. It's a crooked deal Fox and MLB have going, a crooked deal in which the hardcore fan--the very lifeblood of two billion-dollar operations--takes the shaft.

This was true last week, it's true now, and it'll be true next week. A pox on their cattle, and a curse on their families, all of 'em.

Seeing the pitching matchup today, and thinking about the matchup yesterday, makes me wonder whether Garner elected not to "waste" Roy in a matchup vs. Zambrano yesterday. I know it'd been talked about, but why was it, again, that Roy couldn't go yesterday?

He pitched Sunday, then didn't throw in the All Star game, so could have gone on four days rest yesterday. If he worked in the bullpen in Frisco Tuesday, so what? It would have been like normal side work.

I dunno, maybe he was in Mississippi, taking an extra day. Maybe he gave his blessing to the whole thing, who knows?

What's clear is that with that pathetic exercise in defensive play yesterday, and the normal offensive no-show vs. Zambrano, Roy couldn't have won yesterday.

Maybe he can win today. Maybe we've got a major league shortstop in the lineup today. (Funny how our remaining major league shortstop spent most of the year in the minors, huh?)

Loretta ia s pure hitter, super clutch. He's super utility, all over the infield. Love the guy, gave him an A and everything. But please, please, please stop misusing the man. He can't possibly enjoy it, either.

With yesterday's atrocity, Astros are now 9 - 17 in day games, and 15 - 29 on the road.

On the other hand, we've got a 50-game edge on the Cubbies all-time, and Ted Lilly is 0 - 2, 5.25 against us career.

So maybe we'll win; I actually think we might.