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Houston Astros, Brad Lidge Activated

As expected, the Astros activated closer Brad Lidge from the 15-day disabled list on Thursday, prior to their departure for Chicago.

To make room for Lidge on the 25-man roster, the Astros optioned lefty Mark McLemore to Triple-A Round Rock.
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No real surprise that McLemore had the short straw; through his 6.1 innings pitched, he gave up 5 runs and 11 hits. Brad won't retake his job as the closer immediately with Garner stating that he will use him as a middle reliever for a game or two. In Brad's one inning of rehab, Lidge had a perfect inning with no strikeouts.

So... the question for you is... how long will Lidge be an Astro? Word is that multiple teams are in the hunt to gain the services of Lidge. Teams like the Mets (yes, the Mets, and no, not as their closer), Indians, Tigers and Red Sox are being mentioned as teams that would really like to have the services of Brad Lidge.

I'm guessing that Brad Lidge will be an Astro for the rest of this year and probably next year. Why is that? Because of our GM.

Here's what Buster Olney from ESPN has to say about it.
Other general managers enjoy chatting with Houston's Tim Purpura, a truly nice guy. But in trade talks, they judge him to be an ultraconservative Texas hold 'em player. Faced with risk, Purpura folds. He has no tells, they say, because he plays very few hands. "If you look at his track record, he doesn't make a lot of trades," says a rival GM.

If Purpura were to change tactics and shake up the table heading into the July 31 trading deadline, he has a great card to play in Brad Lidge, who, according to reports, is more than willing to leave Houston. At a time when there are almost no quality relievers available, Purpura could dangle Lidge, who has one of the best arms in the game, experience (104 career saves) and another season and a half before he can become a free agent. Lidge would be the five-karat diamond in a market filled with cubic zirconia.


But despite their terrible start, the Astros could still win the lackluster NL Central, and most execs feel that will prompt Purpura to hang onto his chips, rather than go all-in. "In the end," says another AL executive, "I bet Lidge doesn't go anywhere."
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I don't believe the "more than willing to leave Houston" talks coming from the article. I don't think it would destroy Lidge if he were traded, but I think he would be happy staying here. I of course have no insider information, so am just speculating like usual.