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Lance Berkman is the New Jeff Bagwell

Don't believe me? Well... I have proof... well sort of. It's amazing how similar these two are/were in offensive categories. See below.

Here's what I've done. I took Lance Berkman's stats and calculated what his totals will be if he stays on his exact path and has the exact number of at bats that Bagwell has. Hopefully Lance won't have a career-ending injury like Baggy had and hopefully Berkman will get more at bats(Biggio has over 10K at bats by the way). Just some more useless information I calculated(all assuming Lance stays on the same path of production). Home run #500 will come in AB # 8298; 600 will come in at bat # 9960. His 3000th hit would come in AB # 9975(which would mean he'd become a member of the 600 HR club and 3000 hit club within a few weeks from each other) It would take Lance 15752 AB's before he matched Bagwell in stolen bases.

Here's a little bit of information just for reference. Assuming Lance plays 152 games a year(his average over the last 6 seasons) and averages his 3.4 AB's per game like he has so far in his career, here's how long it will take to reach milestone at bats.

AB # 5000 : 323 more games(2.1 more seasons)
AB # 7000 : 886 more games(5.8 more seasons)
AB # 9000 : 1475 more games(9.7 more seasons)
AB # 10,000 : 1768 more games(11.6 more seasons)

Lance is 31 right now.