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Matchup/Game Thread 2:55 CDT

Jason Jennings Jon Garland
0 - 1 3.13 4 - 3, 3.61

As of game time, Hunter Pence has not been placed on the DL for his hip flexor strain, but is instead listed day-to-day.

That's good news, of a sort, but Pence still will be absent from today's game, and probably for the next few after that.

While he will supposedly be in Chicago, Brad Ausmus is also sitting out today with back inflammation that had him in Houston receiving an injection Friday.

While the team will miss Pence starting yesterday, Ausmus' absence today may not mean so much: he was 0 for 4 in previous at bats against Garland, anyway. His replacement, Eric Munson is 2 for 10 himself, but does have a homer.

Palmeiro is starting because he is 3 for 4 against the righthanded Garland.

Loretta is 4 for 7 against Garland, and Lamb is 3 for 12 with a pair of doubles.