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Matchup/Game Thread? at White Sox 7:11 CDT

Chris Sampson John Danks
5 - 5 3.43 3 - 5, 4.34
OK. I understand that the player's union worked very very hard to obtain the right to appeal all suspensions. And I understand that the Astros are only too happy to use that appeals process to their own best interest.

But what I wanna know is what, exactly, is the basis of Berkman's appeal? He's appealing, so he must think that major league baseball has some of their facts wrong. And I'd guess that he's prepared something of a case on his behalf. But what are the details of this case?

Is he claiming, for example, that his batting gloves actually sprouted wings and flew out of the dugout of their own volition? Is the linchpin of his case his assertion that the bag of equipment seemingly thrust back onto the Coors Field turf was in fact a trick of the lighting?

Or does he maintain that the shadowy player in the warmup jacket on the field in the ninth inning was in fact his stunt double?

I know it's a game they play so that Lance serves his suspension when the team wants him to, rather than when MLB wants him to, but it kind of brings up a good point. What is required of a player to file an appeal? Because it doesn't appear that anything so sophisticated as evidence which calls into doubt a player's guilt is required.

The other thing about this is that the Chicago starter tonight is a lefty. Do you think that if Houston had ended up taking two from Colorado that Berkman might have actually started serving the suspension tonight?

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No, I don't know anything about our draft picks. But I did want to get a list on site to spark research and discussion for those inclined.

So here goes:

2007 Astros June Draft
Pick Player School Position
111 Derek Dietrich St Ignatius HS 3B
141 Brett Eibner The Woodlands HS RHP
171 Collin DeLome Lamar U CF
201 David Dinelli Sierra JC RHP
231 David Dixon Auburn U 2B
261 Chad Bettis Monterey HS RHP
291 Luis Pardo Florida Gulf Coast U RHP
321 Matthew Cusick U Southern California 2B
351 Robert Bono Waterford HS RHP
381 Brian Pellegrini St Bonaventure U 3B
411 Chad Jones Southern Lab School CF
441 Craig Corrado U Tampa RF
471 Matthew Fitts Lewis & Clark St Col RHP
501 Devon Torrence Canton South HS CF
531 Mason Roberts Cisco JC RHP
561 Brian Esperson Mercyhurst Col RHP
591 Jonathan Fixler Indiana U C
621 Jeffrey Greenwalt Souderton Area Sr HS RHP
651 Kyle Miller Central Florida CC C
681 Bernard Anderson U New Orleans RF
711 Charles Gamble North Carolina A&T 3B
741 Philip Stringer Auburn U SS
771 Kevin Carkeek Oakland U C
801 Sal Iacono Princeton U C
831 Brett Robinson Florida Southern Col RHP
861 Jared Pitts Stephen F Austin St U RF
891 Travis Sweet U Iowa OF
921 Danny Gil U Miami RHP
951 Jason Dominguez Pepperdine U RHP
980 David Miller Stephen F Austin St U RHP
1009 Cody Phipps Vauxhall HS CF
1038 Brian Wabick Oakton CC RHP
1067 Jordan Powell Southern Illinois RHP
1096 Albert Cartwright Polk CC CF
1124 Robert Leonhardt Stephen F Austin St U RHP
1152 Robert Weinhardt Oklahoma State RHP
1180 Scott Fletcher Starrs Mill HS SS
1208 Kyle Erdman Oakton CC LHP
1234 Jim Pitkin Ross S Sterling HS LHP
1260 Christopher Turner Brandon HS OF
1286 Marques Williams Compton CC RF
1312 Cat Everett Tulane U SS

I do hope to see the young Mr. Dietrich in the booth with JD and Brownie soon.

Update : I've added some links to information about some of the players, and will continue to do so. The hope is that Jeff Sackmann will release some more of his college splits for Day Two guys.

I'll also add signing info as that information becomes available.

Beyond the stuff linked to, I've also found out that our ninth round pick, reliever Luis Pardo, was not only drafted in the 50th round in 2003 by the Brewers, he also went to the same high school as Alex Rodriguez, South Florida's Westminster Christian.

And it looks like our 13th round pick, outfielder Chad Jones, is more interested in playing defensive back at LSU than going to Greeneville for Rookie ball.

Oh, and shortstop Cat Everett appears to be no relation to Adam.