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Matchup/Game Thread vs Rockies 8:05 CST

Astros VS Rockies
Woody Williams VS Aaron Cook
Woody Williams Aaron Cook
2 - 7, 5.50 4 - 2, 4.31

Tonight looks to be a fun game to watch... not because of the pitching matchup(not even close), but due to the happenings of last nights game as the Astros beat the Rockies 4-1. Last night Lance Berkman and Phil Garner both got ejected and Carlos Lee was drilled in the back for what appears to be a personal vendetta with Rockies pitcher Manuel Corpas. No idea what will happen tonight, but lets just hope for another Astros victory... and a little bit of fireworks might make for fun TV as well.

Astros Rockies
Biggio, 2B
Pence, CF
Berkman, 1B
Lee, LF
Loretta, 3B
Scott, RF
Everett, SS
Ausmus, C
Williams, P
Taveras, CF
Matsui, 2B
Holliday, LF
Helton, 1B
Atkins, 3B
Hawpe, RF
Tulowitzki, SS
Torrealba, C
Cook, P

Both lineups look pretty much like last nights lineups(besides the pitchers)... well, they are exactly the same lineup. Hopefully these two lineups can produce the same results.

Today on the local radio show, Garner was on and talked about Biggio still leading off even though he's probably (statistically) one of the worse leadoff hitters in baseball right now. He basically boiled it down to him liking the way the lineup was set up 2-8, so moving Biggio out of the #1 hole would basically mess up the rest of his lineup. Pretty lame if you ask me, but who cares...