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Game Hero, 24 - 33

Luke Scott
  • 3 for 4, homer, double
  • 1 R, 2 RBI
  • extra base hit in three straight games

With a big assist from Carlos Lee, who may just be crazy like a fox.

Luke already had two basehits when Carlos Lee took extreme exception to what looked like a very run-of-the-mill HBP from Rockies pitcher Manny Corpas, who, like Lee, is from Panama.

We baseball fans are not easily fooled. When Lou Piniella got tossed for arguing a play at third the day after his ace and his catcher came to blows in public view during another lackluster loss, just about everyone knew that the event was orchestrated by Sweet Lou in hopes of igniting his team.

But we are slower to consider the possibility that a player like Carlos Lee might try a similiar trick to a similar end.

But whether the provocation was real or fabricated, Corpas remained distracted by Lee at first, to the point where, one out to Mark Loretta later, he made the mistake of the ballgame that Luke was only too happy to take advantage of.