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Matchup/Game Thread vs. Rockies 6:05 CDT

That's his metal face.'
Jeff Francis Jason Jennings
7 - 5, 3.80 1 - 2, 3.66

The Astros are fresh off two literally historic wins, and many in and out of the organization are trying to spin things that optimism is at a season-high.

That may even be true. But the Astros also wrap up June tonight, and stirring victory this evening or not, they will end the month with a losing record.

2007 will mark the first time since 2002, and will mark only the fourth time since Houston emerged as serious contenders in 1979, that the Astros have posted losing records in each of the first three months of the season. McLane may compare this team to the 2005 club, but the 2005 club had a winning June.

Optimism is fine, and wins like we've had the last two evenings are miniature marvels all on their own. They need no context, and exist by themselves, little perfect universes separate and apart from the disappointing season in which they are placed.

But I do hope that this miracle or that doesn't cloud our braintrust's judgement.