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Who's Hot, Who's Not

Last 7 Days
Who's Hot
Adam Everett Adam Everett has been the best Astros offensive player overall for the past week. Our light hitting shortstop leads the team with a .435 average, leads the team with his .435 OBP, and is 2nd on the team with a .652 slugging %(that's a 1087 OPS). The only thing I can fault him on is that he hasn't drawn even 1 walk this week; but if he's hitting .435, I can't really hold that against him.
Carlos Lee El Caballo has been good all season, but he's stepped up his game in the last week hitting .368 with an OPS of 1101. Lee has consistently been the one ray of light in the Astros offense over the first part of the season and hasn't let us down over the last week. He led the team with 8 RBI's over the past week and also leads the majors with 52 total RBI's. He also leads the league with one of the most devoted fan clubs who seem to attend every home game(Los Caballitos).
Hunter Pence "Kraven the" Hunter Pence(okay, that's lame) has been good since he was called up from Triple-A and has been one of the Astros best hitters all season. In the last 7 days Hunter is hitting .348 with an OPS of .913. The one thing I can fault Pence for is his high strike out totals(9 in the last 5 games); but I can live with that as long as he's hitting +.300.
Brad Lidge "Lights Out" Lidge has been damn good lately throwing 4 shut out innings in 4 games. In the last week Lidge hasn't given up a hit or a walk and has struck out 7 helpless batters. Lidge has been the best Astros reliever by far lately.
Who's Not
Lance Berkman One of our local radio announcers keeps calling Lance Berkman "Light Hitting Lance" for good reason. Lance who has been pretty bad all season, kept up his light hitting ways by going 3 for 22 with a .136 batting average and a "massive" .513 OPS. Lance did finally break his 0-68 extra base hits slump earlier in the week when he belted a home run which looked to have possibly been a catalyst... unfortunately, that appears to have just been a lucky hit as Lance went back to his poor offensive ways.
Mike Lamb Okay, I will point out that Lamb has only had 9 at bats in the last week, but he also hasn't recorded a hit and has dropped his season batting average to .264. Lamb was one of our best hitters earlier in the season when he was taking spot starts and pinch hitting duties, but it appears he can't cut it when getting regular playing time at a position.
Chad Qualls Chad hasn't had the highest ERA on the team over the last week(that goes to Wheeler with his 16.2), but what gets him on my list is the two losses. Chad has pitched 4 innings and given up 3 runs, but recorded two losses. He's recorded 8 strike outs(pretty good for only 4 innings), but he's also given up 3 dingers(the only 3 hits against him).