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Matchup/Game Thread vs Cardinals 1:05 CST

Astros VS Cardinals
Jason Jennings VS Braden Looper
Jason Jennings Braden Looper
0 - 1, 2.12 6 - 4, 3.65

Jason Jennings has only given up 4 Earned runs all season. Sounds pretty good, but unfortunately he's only made 3 starts all season(17 innings). 4 runs is still pretty darn good leaving Jennings with a .212 ERA. Last time out Jennings went 5 innings, gave up 3 hits and no earned runs earning a no decision as the Astros lost against the Reds. Hopefully Jennings will be on a little higher pitch count today and Jennings can pitch deep into the game. Jennings faces the Cardinals Braden Looper, who before this season had been a reliever. It appears switching him to a starter has been a good move with Braden putting up a 6-4 records and a team low(for starters) ERA of 3.65. Hopefully the Astros can build on yesterdays game and inflate that ERA for him.

Astros Cardinals
Loretta, 2B
Lamb, 1B
Pence, CF
Lee, LF
Scott, RF
Ensberg, 3B
Munson, C
Everett, SS
Jennings, P
Eckstein, SS
Spiezio, 3B
Pujols, 1B
Edmonds, CF
Encarnacion, RF
Ludwick, LF
Bennett, C
Ryan, B, 2B
Looper, P

No Berkman! Really surprised to see this... Can't say I agree with it either. I never figured I would see Berkman being benched because he's playing bad and that's exactly what it appears has happened. Berkman just got a day off a few weeks ago and here he is getting another. Biggio also sits, which surprises me as well; not because I don't think he should have games off, but because it's a home game. Pence bats 3rd today for the first time all year. That's a surprise... I figured he'd lead off before he was put in the 3-hole, but with the stats he's put up lately, he's at least a decent fit there. Still upset about Berkman not being in though. I know he's slumping... but he's still Berkman. Maybe I'm just being a homer though. So sue me.