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Matchup/Game Thread vs. Rockies 7:05 CDT

We like to call him 'Phineas'
Josh Fogg Chris Sampson
3 - 6, 4.81 6 - 5, 3.71

You could make the case that there will be a bunch of empty seats tonight as all those who bought tickets so they could say they saw #3000 stay home, but my guess is, they come anyway, and give Bidge a huge standing O before his first AB.

At the rate he's going, Craig should tie Al Kaline tonight.

Funny thing about momentum is, I don't much believe in it, but it definitely exists. I don't think hot streaks can have such a genesis, no matter how stirring last night's victory was, but like I said last night, I've been wrong before and will be again.