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Ash Texas League All Star Game MVP

Wanted to get this up yesterday, but with the Wednesday matinee and personal business last night was unable to do so.

So please forgive the lack of timeliness, but did want to mention onsite that the Texas League All-Star Game was played Tuesday night in Corpus Christi and that Hooks second baseman Jonny Ash was named game MVP.

The game definitely had a Corpus flavor. Besides the game being held at Whataburger Field, seven Corpus Christi players took part, including the game's starting pitcher, and three offensive starters.

Todd Self went 2 for 5 with an RBI, Noochie Varner went 3 for 4 with a double, and Drew Sutton hit a single, all as starters, while Chance Douglass threw the first pitch for the South and went two perfect.

Troy Patton pitched the third inning and gave up a run on two hits.

Beau Torbert and Ash would enter the game as replacements, and it was Ash who came to the plate with the score tied in the bottom of the tenth inning with runners on the corners and no out. Ash's liner to center won the game, and snared him an MVP trophy.

Ash's selection means that the Hooks have had the last two Texas League All-Star Game MVP's (in Ash and Josh Anderson) and the last two Texas League Pitchers of the Year (in Matt Albers and Jason Hirsh).