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Blown Leads

pel had asked how many leads had been blown, and I took that to mean seventh inning or later.

I don't know whether we're seeing more than expected, or less, but I know it certainly seems like leads in successive innings had been blown before Sunday night in Arlington.

Guess not, though.

Blown Leads After the Sixth

Game # Date Vs. 7th 8th 9th Who Do We Blame?
1 2 Pirates     Reliever(s)
2 3 Pirates     Reliever(s)
7 9 at Cubs     Reliever(s)
11 16 Florida     Reliever(s)
22 27 Milwaukee     Starter
27 3 Cincinnati     Reliever(s)
40 17 San Francisco     Reliever(s)
58 6 at Colorado     Both*
59 7 at Colorado     Reliever(s)
61 9 at White Sox     Reliever(s)
64 12 Oakland     Reliever(s)
65 13 Oakland     Reliever(s)
70 18 at Angels     Reliever(s)
72 20 at Angels     Both*
75 24 at Texas   Reliever(s)





The Bullpen, of course.
*The Reliever(s) more than the starter, of course

We have yet to blow a lead in extra innings, something to aspire to, I suppose.

When I used to care about football, I remember hearing about defenses that would "bend but not break," and I guess that was our bullpen in May. As we saw yesterday, innings pitched were up, WHIP was up, homers per nine was up, but blown leads were down.