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Matchup/Game Thread at Brewers 8:05 CDT

Jason Jennings Ben Sheets
1 - 1, 3.63 8 - 3, 3.19

So Steve Phillips was talking this morning on ESPN Radio, says he thinks the Astros are sellers as the trade deadline approaches.

Then he mentioned Roy Oswalt as someone who might go, which just goes to show he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

But another name he mentioned was one I'd heard before, and that's Mike Lamb's.

You can see the value that Lamb might have to the Padres, who are 13th in the league in pinch-hitters' OPS, or to the Mets, whose left-handed presence is basically Shawn Green, and who have been using their best left handed bat off the bench, Endy Chavez, in left because of Moises Alou's rather predictable poor health.

Lamb is a free agent, and you know as well as I that we struggle to find a place for him.

On the other hand, this is probably going to be Morgan Ensberg's last year. . . do we really want to get rid of our other option?

Well, to tell you the truth, we may be getting ahead of ourselves.

I don't think anyone, not even the glitterati with the pancake makeup doing the games for Fox or anchoring the broadcasts out of Bristol, believes that the Astros should concede anything before playing this series. A road sweep is unlikely, but if it occurs, it could be just what the Astros need to delude themselves for another six weeks-sorry about that, I meant propel themselves back into the NL Central race.

So no more Mike Lamb trade talk, at least not 'til Thursday.

This series is, how do you call it? A referendum.