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Matchup/No Game Thread at Rangers 2:55 CDT

Roy Oswalt Jamey Wright
7 - 4, 3.51 0 - 1, 10.57

Unfortunately, Roy Oz is 1 - 1 with a 4.70 over the last 30 days. He's walked 3.11 men per nine innings on the season, after coming into the year having averaged 1.97 for his career.

On the other hand, his homers and hits for 2007 are on par with what he's done throughout his career. His ERA is a little high, but only for him. Anyone else in the NL would love to have a 3.51 earned run average.

I want to say I'm not worried, but Oswalt has always built his game around his impeccable control . . . and it ain't been so impeccable lately.

A nice 8 innings of five-hit ball with maybe a single walk thrown in today would do wonders in reassuring me that Roy's gonna be alright.

The hemorrhaging bullpen could be better than reassured by such a game effort from our ace: they could be rested.

Fox isn't gonna allow me to watch today. They never do, on a Saturday.

The sons of bitches. I think I'll get a hair cut, maybe head on over to the Office Depot, then watch the game on delay later. Maybe I can even manage this without knowing the score beforehand.

To those of you in Texas, enjoy the game. To those of you elsewhere, you should consider handling it how I will.