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Astros Carry Three Catchers

MMkay.. In case you haven't heard, we've recalled left handed hitting catcher Eric Munson to take some playing time away from Brad Ausmus. Basically from what I'm reading here, Munson is going to start catching a few games a week and Brad will basically be moved to catching for mainly Roy Oswalt. That appears to bump Ausmus back to the 2nd catchers spot and Quintero to the 3rd catchers spot. I personally am not real big on having 3 catchers(not real big on 12 pitchers either) so I don't really see a point in bringing up Munson if you're going to keep Quintero and Aumus up as well. Eric has done alright in Triple-A batting .285 with 7 dingers and 26 RBI's and he's definitely an offensive upgrade over Ausmus; but he's still nothing to write home about. This almost seems like the Astros are making a change for the sake of making a change... but I can't really fault them for it. Munson is at least a threat to go deep. Honestly, I think this basically means the end of Quintero. Even though Garner says otherwise, I think it's possible that Quintero is getting "demoted" because Woody doesn't like pitching to him. Quintero was basically Woody's personal catcher, and now Woody doesn't want to pitch to him. I can forsee Quintero being back in the minors before the All-Star break. I just don't see any use in having a catcher on the roster as a "late inning substitute." Of course I don't see any use in having a 12th pitcher, or Moehler on the roster either, and the Astros have had both of those for a good part of the season... so what do I know.

In other news, Burke is starting to hit a little better in Triple-A raising his batting average to .233(yea.. I know, but it's better than the .160 he was hitting). I'd still like to see Burke come back up to the bigs, but I guess him getting regular playing time in Triple-A is better than him riding the pine up with the 'Stros.

Here's a little bit of worthless/pointless information for you. Jason Jennings is leading RR in OBP, SLG, AVG and OPS going 1-1 in the only game he played with them.