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Game Hero, 23 - 32

Adam Everett
  • 3 for 4, homer
  • 2 R, RBI
  • 11 of 25, .440 AVG, .680 SLG over last 7 games

Fangraphs' WPA analysis tells us that Hunter Pence actually had the team-high win probability added at .255, but Everett had twice as many total bases as Pence, reached once more than Pence, and didn't strike out.

Pence's double was huge, as it put us ahead for the first time since the first inning, but on the other hand, Everett did score the tying run twice.

While Pence had another multi-hit game today--which makes eight in his last ten--Everett still has the higher batting average and the higher slugging percentage over the last seven games.

And you just can't beat the shock value provided by a two-out Adam Everett solo shot. It's pretty clear that Kip Wells never recovered.

Top Ten All-Time Game Heroes
Since May 9, 2005

Rank Player Times
  1. Lance Berkman 22-0/3
  2. Roy Oswalt 18 1/2
  3. Andy Pettitte 12-0/3
  4. Craig Biggio 11 1/2
  5. Roger Clemens 9 1/2
  6. Morgan Ensberg 9-0/3
  7. Jason Lane 9-0/3
  8. Wandy Rodriguez 9-0/3
  9. Adam Everett 9-0/3
10. Brad Ausmus 8-0/3

*        *        *        

Chris Sampson threw his fifth straight quality start today, and the seven he's now accumulated leads major league rookies. His 1.29 WHIP and 3.43 ERA both rank second only to Baltimore's Jeremy Guthrie among those rookies with 40 IP, a group which I might add includes Daisuke Matsuzaka and the dearly departed Jason Hirsh.

If they told me that the NL Rookie of the Year was gonna be a pitcher, right now I'd guess it would be Tim Lincecum.

But if Lincecum breaks his leg or something, I might then guess it would be Chris Sampson.