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Matchup/Game Thread @ LAA of A 9:05 CST

Astros VS Angels
Jason Jennings VS Bartolo Colon
Jason Jennings Bartolo Colon
0 - 1, 3.18 6 - 2, 5.73

The only thing more pathetic than last nights loss against the Angels, is the fact that the Angels are called the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim... Unfortunately last night I went to bed(around 11:30pm) with what I thought was a game in hand only to wake up this morning and on my way to work find out that the bullpen exploded and that Garner actually allowed a reliever to give up 3 runs before pulling him. But what can ya do now... not like it really surprises me much, but that doesn't make the pain go away any quicker. All we can try to do is go out tonight and hope that A) Jennings gets his first win of the season and B) Biggio doesn't get 10 hits tonight.

Astros Angels
Biggio, 2B
Pence, CF
Berkman, 1B
Lee, DH
Loretta, SS
Lamb, 3B
Scott, RF
Munson, C
Palmeiro, LF

Willits, LF
Figgins, 3B
Cabrera, SS
Guerror, RF
Matthews, CF
Kendrick, 2B
Hillenbrand, DH
Quinlan, 1B
Molina, C
Only real thoughts on this lineup is WHY is Palmeiro playing!?!? I would rather have Burke out there.. Orlando is basically a pitchers spot.