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Some More Notes From Last Night's Torture Session

  • The Astros turned 3 double plays, for the third time this season.  They're 1 - 2 when doing so. They've not turned four in a game.
  • The Angels turned none, and the Astros thus had a three DP advantage of their opponent for the second time this year. The first time they beat the Cardinals; this time, they lost.
  • Last night was the 25th time this year the Astros had 10 hits in a game; they are now 13 - 12 in those games.
  • Galarraga had homered twice, and Alfonzo had homered three times:  the Astros gave up more than ten runs in both games, and lost them both.
  • 38 players have notched five-hit games against the Astros, most recently by Mark Reynolds of the D-Backs earlier this year.

By way of comparison, only one Astro has six hits in a game.  That was Joe Morgan, who went 6 for 6 with 2 homers and a double in a twelve-inning game on July 8, 1965.  30 Astros have five-hit games, most recently Geoff Blum, of all people, on April 19, 2003.