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Game Hero, 30 - 39

Mike Lamb
  • 2 for 4, 5 RBI, 1 run, walk
  • 5th homer of the year, second career slam
  • 11 for 15 over his last four games, 1.333 SLG
  • 300th hit in an Astros uniform

I'm sure many of you remember Mike Lamb's last grand slam, back in 2005. Also at Minute Maid, it was a very high long fly that snuck in ten feet to the left of the rightfield foul pole as part of a seven-run fifth against the Cubs' Mark Prior, back when that still seemed like an accomplishment.

That one dropped your jaw, surprised you because it came with two outs, after Jeff Bagwell had struck out.

This one almost seemed fait accompli. Once he put the bat on ball and it started to carry, who--besides Ichiro---didn't think it was out, the way Lamb has been going?

Lamb thus wins his second Game Hero of the series, a feat I'm prepared to say is rare but not unique, as Lance Berkman at the very least won our site's award twice in a single series vs. Colorado in June 2005.