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Matchup/Game Thread vs. Mariners 7:05 CDT

Cha Seung Baek Woody Williams
3 - 2, 5.22 2 - 9, 5.51

Why, it's Surfin' Brad Ausmus Bobblehead Night! The giveaway may not look all that much like Brad, but it'll be a shame that we'll never again get to see that terrible commercial where the bobblehead is talking to Hula Barbie and trying to impress her with the size of his board . . .

For further developments on the bobblehead please check eBay.

Another mildly ridiculous aspect of tonight's game is that of the two starters this evening, it is actually Woody Williams who is coming off the better start. I know, I know; it doesn't seem possible.

Yet the Wood-man is in fact coming off his best start of the season, one in which he held the Cubs to four hits while striking out five and only walking one. This Baek character (who I had never, ever, heard of before in my life ), on the other hand, gave up a positively Williamsesque five runs over 5-1/3 in his last outing.

I mean, I don't think it's likely that Woody will pitch as well as he did vs. the Cubs tonight. But what's got me kinda psyched is that it might not be necessary.Three over five, even four over six by Mr. Junkball to these hyper-agressive Mariners hitters might just be all that's required.

The Mariners bailed Wandy out a little bit last night in the fourth by hacking away when it might have been better to look at a few while Wandy had his customary dizzy spell. Against the, um, more veteran presence of Williams, they may fare even worse than they did last night.

And needless to say, if they're ready to go, I like Qualls and Lidge vs. these guys who look ready to go out of the zone for a pitch on a moment's notice.

Looks *nothing* like him
I misspoke yesterday when I said that the Astros had set their season high for hits in the last Oakland game then tied it last night. Actually, the 'Stros first had 16 hits back on April 24 in Pittsburgh. So what we really have is the season-high, achieved three times, including in back-to-back games.

How about 17 tonight, make it clean and simple?