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Matchup/Game Thread VS Mariners 7:05 CST

Astros VS Mariners
Wandy Rodriguez VS Felix Hernandez
Wandy Wodwiguez Felix Hernandez
3 - 6, 4.52 3 - 3, 4.41

In the last 7 games that Wandy has started, he's recorded an out in the 6th inning twice. This to go along with an Astros Bullpen that has been a little overworked lately(with the short outing by Jennings yesterday) and 3 relievers with an ERA over 6, things don't look real great tonight. Take that and then look at Wandy's record against the Mariners(3-6, 4.52 ERA) and you don't really get too excited about tonights game. Not really sure how the Astros are going to come off an 11 inning game yesterday and the loss of their beloved short stop Adam Everett to the feared disease; legus brokus. Hopefully the "good guys" can bounce back and notch a win to end our current 2 game stint.

The Astros did get to welcome Eric "Bear" Bruntlett back into the "roster" who will more than likely start today for injured AE(*edit* not true, Loretta is in). Let's play some ball!

Astros Mariners
Biggio, 2B
Pence, CF
Berkman, 1B
Lee, LF
Loretta, SS
Scott, RF
Lamb, 3B
Ausmus, C
Rodriguez, P
Suzuki, CF
Lopez, 2B
Guillen, RF
Ibanez, LF
Sexson, 1B
Johijima, C
Betancourt, SS
Bloomquist, 3B
Hernandez, P

No Bruntlett tonight... I was looking forward to seeing him(given the circumstances) and kind of surprised he's not in... but he's not, so no more on that. I don't get to see this guy much, but I was really surprised to see Richie Sexon only batting .196 on the season... Hes taken the Berkman slump to a whole new level. The Mariners bring 2 stout hitting Japanese players in Kenji Johjima and the slick hitting Ichiro.