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Everett Breaks Leg, Bruntlett Called Up

As many had previously predicted when it was seen that Everett went down, Eric Bruntlett has been recalled from Triple-A round rock to take over the short stopping duties left by injured Adam Everett.

Everett said later he initially went numb after the collision, just before he was overcome by the pain.

"It definitely wasn't pretty," he said. "I knew something wasn't right. I was hoping it wasn't my knee or ankle. It was an eerie feeling. I don't know how to explain it. My whole body went numb after the pain went through. As soon as it hit me, it was excruciating. I went numb for a second, then it started hurting."

Everett placed no blame on Lee for the mishap.

"I don't think it was anybody's fault," he said. "It just happened. One out of 1,000, it's not going to happen. It's just unfortunate, obviously.

For those of you lucky enough to miss the game earlier today, you can see how Adam hurt his leg here. The broken leg should take about 4-8 weeks to heal and then however long it takes for Adam to get back into game shape.

Bruntlett will become the Astros starting short stop with Loretta(and to a lesser extent) and Burke backing him up. Bruntlett is a very capable short stop(capable just about anywhere on the field... I think he's also the 3rd string catcher now) and we shouldn't see a big drop off on the defensive side of the game. I mean he's no Adam Everett, but you're not concerned by any means with his defensive abilities.