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Matchup/Game Thread @ WhiteSox 1:05 CST

Astros @ White Sox
Wandy Rodriguez VS Mark Buehrle
Wandy Rodriguez Mark Buehrle
3 - 5, 4.31 2 - 3, 3.99

I'm never really thrilled to see Wandy as the pitcher for the Astros, even if he has been pretty decent this year. I guess it's just bad taste from previous seasons, but I will have to give it to Wandy and say he has been pretty decent this season. Last time out Wandy pitched 4 shut out innings giving up 1 run through 5 innings. Today he faces another lefty in Mark Buehrle who got 5 runs scored against him in 6 innings earlier in the week against the Yankee's. Look for the Astros to stack their lineup(as much as possible) with left handed batters today as they bat .300 against Mark. Look for the Sox to do the same as left handed with the stick, hitters are batting .313 against Wandy.

Astros Chi Sox
Biggio, DH
Burke, CF
Berkman, RF
Lee, LF
Loretta, 2B
Ensberg, 3B
Lamb, 1B
Ausmus, C
Everett, SS
Iguchi, 2B
Gonzalez, LF
Thome, DH
Konerko, 1B
Dye, RF
Fields, 3B
Terrero, CF
Hall, C
Uribe, SS

Garner is sort of on a short bench today with Luke Scott and Hunter Pence both being down(sorta) with injuries... Pence could probably play today, but it looks like Garner is playing on the side of caution and giving Pence another day off. I'm don't fault him for that. As good as Pence has been, leaving him out another game to make sure he really is good to go is a much better idea then taking a chance of him being out a few weeks because he came back too soon. That is one thing I do like about Garner; he seems to do the right thing about players with injuries(in my opinion).