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Matchup/Game Thread vs. Cardinals 7:05 CDT

Adam Wainwright Roy Oswalt
4 - 4, 5.59 6 - 4, 3.36

I was looking for some pictures under the Creative Commons at flickr that I could kipe for the little banner above this sentence, and it seems that there are a bunch of photos uploaded there of characters supposedly named "Patton Oswalt" and "Rufus Wainwright."

Who are these people?

And why does anyone think they're more interesting than the starting pitchers in tonight's game?

Sometimes I just don't understand people's priorities. . . .

Anyway, if you hadn't noticed, Adam Wainwright has really, really sucked this year when not pitching against the Houston Astros.

While pitching against that part of the major leagues that does not include the Astros, Wainwright has posted a 2 - 4 won/loss record with a 6.65 ERA, and a nearly unspeakable WHIP of 1.94.

Yet when the Astros are at the bat, Wainwright is 2 - 0 with a 2.08 ERA and a 1.31 WHIP.

Since posting a Game Score of 73 against Frisco on the 19th of May, Oswalt has posted Game Scores of 45 and 30. He actually gave up ten hits last time out vs. Arizona. I guess you all saw that quote where Roy was talking about how the pitchers (read: he) were trying to be too fine during the losing streak in the assumption that the offense might score one run, if that.

Well, the streak's over, the Astros are coming off a ten-run effort, and I expect Oswalt to kick ass tonight.

I certainly hope he's with the program.

Pujols has faced Oswalt more than any current Cardinal and carries a good but not great .853 OPS against him, while Scott Spiezio and that stupid beard of his are 5 for 12 off Roy Oz, with a pair of doubles and a homer, good for a 1.295 OPS . . . .