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Game Hero, 22 - 31

Carlos Lee
  • 2 for 4, 2 RBI, 3 Runs Scored
  • Equals team-high 5 runs produced
  • 4 for 8, 2 doubles since GIDPing to end the game Tuesday
  • Team-high .147 WPA per Fangraphs
  • Full vote from Stros Bro
  • Conditional support of varying strength from MG, saylinara, and Joe in B'ham
  • Leads the NL in RBI, what else is new

Looks like it was a great game, I may have to watch it someday. In the interim, I'll have to make do with the sense of inner peace I get from being able to say that the Astros won last night.

Make do with that, and the still-lingering bewilderment from the Reds guys who took over our Game Thread for a while there. Give them this: they never let the fact that only half of what they posted was funny stop them from posting still more.

In dealing with the somewhat strange but in the end harmless invasion, I hope I came off merely grumpy and not rude.

*      **    *    

Anybody hear any rationale as to why Quintero didn't catch Woody for the first time all year?

And lastly, realize that the Astros are now reserving a roster spot for a guy whom they trust less to pinch-hit than a pitcher who was on the DL three days ago.

Lane is so obviously history, they're writing him into textbooks as I speak, yet somehow he's still on the 25-man.

It can't possibly be for long, although I have to say I don't see how bringing Burke back clarifies anything.

You still won't want Chris in center, and you still can't play him at second. And never mind the fact that we're all looking for the graceful death of The Platoon, he, um, has a history of injury in right.