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Game Hero 16 - 17

Gregory Scott "Woody" Williams
  • 6-2/3 IP, 2 ER, 6 H, 3 K, 2 BB
  • 1 for 3, Game-Winning 2-out RBI
  • 3.55 ERA in May
  • Umm, .111 batting average in 2007

Wht iced the Game Hero for the Wood-man was the game-winning two-out RBI single. Those kinds of things have eluded the professional hitters on the club for good portions of the season, so it makes you take notice when a guy who came in with a lifetime .507 OPS gets it done in crunch-time.

Speaking of crunch-time, that was the condition under which the entire game was pitched. Not only Williams, but Lidge and Wheeler too were always two good swings away from a loss, and sometimes closer. It was the kind of game where you wouldn't have blamed Woody or the pen had it been lost; but instead the trio pitched successfully on knife edge for six innings.

We're happy Berkman homered again, but this was kind of another game where the offense failed to show up. It's just that we're not noticing tonight coz Woody--and Brad and Dan--were so gosh-darned good.