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I must ask...

Why the hell is Loretta not starting?!?!  I guess Garner is rewarding him for going 4 for 5 on Friday by benching him 3 straight games.  I don't care how good Adam's defense is... no defensive player in the league is good enough to be in for his defense over a guy batting close to .400.  Nobody!  

I just don't understand it...  maybe I'm too dense to understand it, but I just don't see how you can not have Loretta in the line up 4 out of 5 games when batting as well as he did.  How do you kill someone's hot streak?  By not playing him.  It's simple as that...  I've questioned numerous choices by Garner in the past, but this one dumbfounds me more than any of the previous.  I just don't understand it.  

Anyone have a logical reason for not playing Loretta?