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Matchup/Game Thread at Cincinnati 6:10 CDT

I don't know much about art, but I know Wandy Mrs. Milton found him boring, too . . .
Wandy Rodriguez Eric Milton
0 - 3, 4.09 0 - 4, 4.85

Wandymania comes to Cincinnati again.

The thought occurs to me that this is the spot where Wandy has most disappointed in the past, when he's strung together some good outings, and you've almost ceased worrying about him.

And then he unleashes hits and five walks over 4-2/3, or 6 hits, 5 walks 8 runs over 1-1/3.

As Dan Wheeler showed me last night, this might be a game we approach with lots of numbers, but in crunch time, it all goes back to faith.

Logically, I know Wandy can succeed, but I don't yet have faith in him.

Did you hear Phil Garner on ESPN radio this morning, taking the backhanded stab at Clemens, saying that some players were beginning to have problems last year with finding out that Clemens was playing in golf tournaments on his absences from the team? I believe there was some noise about that locally (Houston local, I mean, not South Florida local) last year, but now it's out on the wider national stage.

Shamus predicts Loretta for Adam tonight, and man, you got to.

You got to.