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Another Brightly Colored Picture

Yesterday's graphs were so much fun that I thought I'd do another one. Continuing with yesterday's theme of players who've gotten better after poor starts, I thought I'd take a look at Brad Lidge and his personal bugbear, excess baserunners.

Then after Wheeler gave up the two runs in the ninth last night, I thought I'd compare him to Wheeler.

The Astros as a whole are averaging 12.26 baserunners/9.

Dan Wheeler and Brad Lidge Four-Game Rolling Baserunners/9

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So what am I trying to say here? As usual, probably nothing.

I'm certainly not lobbying for a return to the closer's role for Lidge, and I'm not finding fault with Wheeler, who gives up few walks and fewer homers.

Amazingly enough, before yesterday, Wheeler had not given up a homer and a walk in the same appearance since May 27 of 2006. That's a span of 66 appearances and 64 innings pitched. That's astounding.

Meanwhile, Lidge walked two and a gave up a homer as recently as April 20 of this year.

Last night was an aberration for Wheels, and Lidge's success lately has a great deal to do with the less-stressful role Brad has found himself in, I'm nearly certain.

Even after Wheeler had given up the tater to Sea Bass, I remained confident in his ability to close it out. I found it worth reminding myself that had it been Lidge out there working to Valentin and Conine and Freel, with two runs already in, and no outs, I would have for the most part considered the game already lost.

I dunno, just saying, is all.