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Thank You Luke

A win is a win, but it sure would have been nice to get out of the game w/the 5-2 score we had going into the 9th.  Wheeler is looking sorta Lidge'ess giving up 2 runs but still earning the save(6th of the season).

Roy-O was great tonight.  In Typical Roy fashion(well besides the back to back jacks) Roy went 7 innings, giving up 2 runs from 6 hits and struck out 5.  Roy's ERA is back down to the normal Roy ERA area at 3.00.  Also take note that it appears Roy is losing his semi-clean shaven look and growing out a little facial hair... who cares as long as he's putting up games like this.  

The Astros offense put up 5 runs tonight which is what we should be expecting on a normal basis... but obviously that doesn't happen a whole lot for the 'Stros.  Berkman and Scott both went deep(Berkman solo, and Scott 3 run job for the game winner), both their 3rd of the season.  I think I heard that Berkman hadn't hit a jack in 41 AB's.   Nice to end that little drought.  Scott's of course was the most crucial one, being that we needed all 3 runs from him to win the game.  

This win brings the Astros up to 14-17 with a 1 game winning streak and good for 3rd place in the division behind the Cubbies and the Brew Crew.  The Astros play game 2 this 4 game series tomorrow at 6:10 PM in Cincy.