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Matchup/Game Thread at Cardinals 1:15 CDT

A caddy, a Looper, a jock
Chris Sampson Braden Looper
3 - 1, 3.55 3 - 2, 2.84

In which we face the Cardinals' only winning starter.

Chris gets back from his bout with sinusitis, and is working on two days extra rest, having last pitched eight days ago.

I'm not sure what to think about all this. On the one hand, two days ago, he was so sick, he couldn't work. I'm sure Chris is better now, but is he better enough?

But on the other hand, sinkerballers tend to work better when a little tired, so might it be to Sampson's advantage if he's not entirely at full strength?

I don't know.

I DO know that if the Astros offense shows up the way it did yesterday, Sampson's performance won't matter very much

Yet I wouldn't necessarily count on the bats being there today. The last three times the Astros have scored ten runs (and this goes back to last season obviously), the Astros have followed up in their next games by scoring a total of two runs.

So Sampson may need to be at his best today, or maybe just a little less than at his best.