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General Nothingness

As you may have noticed, your offensive-packed Astros are on a 2 game win streak! Last nights win was the first time the Astros had won back to back games since April 19th. With the lack of Astros offense lately, Garner has pondered(are you pondering what I'm pondering Pinky?) about possibly moving Lance to the outfield some that way he could put both Lamb and Loretta in the lineup at the same time. While I would like to see Loretta and Lamb both in the lineup... I'm not real big on seeing Lance go back to the outfield. What does lance think about it?

Said Berkman: "I'd rather play first base, but what the heck? I could go out there right now and feel perfectly fine. Just catch the ball if it's in the air, stop it before it gets to the wall, throw it back to the infield." From here
If only it were that easy, anyone could do it! You know, anyone, like Lamb? We really do need to get Lamb and Loretta in the lineup more though. Lamb is batting .379 while Loretta is at .356. These are both with limited at bats though(29 Lamb, 49 Loretta).

As bad as I hate to even mention the thought of this, it's May now... what does that mean? It means all of this talk about Roger Clemens and where he's going to go will officially end sometime at the end of this month(if Roger is true to his word, which I believe he is). I'll keep my thoughts on this subject limited to that...