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Matchup/Game Thread vs Reds 7:05 CST

Astros VS Reds
Woody Williams VS Bronson Arroyo
Woody Williams Bronson Arroyo
1 - 7, 5.65 2 - 5, 4.01

/Sigh Your hometown Houston Astros take their 10 game losing streak in search for the clubs record tying 11 game losing streak. Think we can do it?? I sure hope not... Woody Williams goes to the hill with his pathetic 1-7 W/L record against high kicking rocker Bronson Arroyo with his almost equally pathetic 2-5 record. The two worst teams in the NL Central face off for the 3rd and final game of the series tonight... Same Bat time, same bat channel.

There's quite a bit of talk around town that there will be some roster moves in the not so distant future... nothing has happened as of yet, but if the Astros get beat tonight... don't be surprised.

Astros Reds
Biggio, 2B
Loretta, 3B
Berkman, 1B
L33, LF
Pence, CF
Scott, RF
Everett, SS
Ausmus, C
Williams, P
Hopper, CF
Hatteberg, 1B
Griffey, RF
Phillips, 2B
Dunn, LF
Gonzalez, SS
Encarnacion, 3B
Ross, C
Arroyo, P