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Game Hero, 12 - 15

Wandy Rodriguez
  • 'Coz he needs it
  • 7 IP, 6 H, 8 K, 0 BB
  • 65 Game Score
  • Best Strikeout to walk differential of any game pitched this season
  • Now leads Astros starters in K/BB at 4.00
  • Now leads Astros starters in WHIP at 1.12
  • Still trails Astros starters in wins with 0

Wandy really has no right to complain, considering the 6.37 runs per nine innings worth of run support he received in 2006, or the 6.09 he received in 2005. And it is also worse noting that both Jason Jennings and Matt Albers had coming into tonight received less than Wandy's 3.12 runs per nine of support.

He's got a little better case if he suggests that perhaps the bullpen has let him down compared with some of the other starters, for whom they've been stellar. But even there, they've done a worse job for Woody Williams.

So I'm sure he won't be complaining (well, I'm sort of sure), but I just had to give Wandy his props this eve. He's pitched better games, but not many.

Houston pitchers have thrown better games this year.

But not many.

Bullpen Support for Astros Starters in 2007
Name Bequeathed Runners Scored Pen Support
Woody Williams 3 2 1.414
Wandy Rodriguez 1 1 0.628
Jason Jennings 0 0 0.000
Chris Sampson 2 0 -0.625
Matt Albers 2 0 -0.630
Roy Oswalt 3 0 -0.749

Bequeathed of course is what the starter left for the 'pen. Scored is those bequeathed who came around.

Prospectus says:

Pen Support - The number of additional runs charged to the starting pitcher that his bullpen allowed to score after he left the game, compared to an average bullpen. Negative Pen Support means the bullpen prevented more runs from scoring than an average pen (i.e. the pitcher's ERA looks better than it should because of good bullpen support).

Of course, the horrible things that Chad Qualls did to Wandy last night are not reflected in the above tables. I don't know if any method of reckoning can adequately convey the injustice: Qualls not only blows a game that looked to be a comfortable win, he gets the win after doing so!

Wandy may not be able to go to bed this morning with a W, but hopefully this token of our esteem, this Crawfish Boxes Game Hero, will take some of the sting away.