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Matchup vs. Reds

Eric Milton Wandy Rodriguez
0 - 4, 4.71 0 - 3, 4.50

A couple of lefties who have yet to win square off tonight.

Eric Milton rather surprisingly does not lead the league in home runs allowed. In fact his HR/9 is only a little bit below average at 1.29.

Wandy IS below average in that regard, how about that? That's right: 3 jacks allowed in 26 innings pitched trumps last year's National League average of 1.10.

Here's guessing Morgan is at third tonight, as Ensberg is possessed of a stunning 1.674 OPS off Milton in 11 AB. A pair of home runs and a walk.

And it might not get him into the lineup, but Chris Burke has also done well in limited atbats against Milton: 3 for 7, a double, a walk, 1.071 OPS.

The Reds as a team have a total of 21 at bats against Wandy, so there's not much in the way of conclusions to be drawn.

Ken Griffey, is however 4 for 5 off Rodriguez with a couple of walks. The hits were all singles, though.

Overall, Milton is 3 - 1 with a 3.50 vs. the Astros. Wandy, too, has a winning record against Cincy, at 2 - 1. But the ERA is horrendous at 8.03.

That's all I can think of to say, can't think of no more, except for one thing:

Go Astros!