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Game Hero, 11 - 15

Roy Oswalt
  • 8 IP, 1 ER
  • 4 H, 1 BB, 2 K
  • 71 Game Score means the only Astro to record a
        70+ Game Score this year has now done it twice
  • Leads the NL in IP at 50
  • Career win # 102
  • .219 BAA in 2007

Roy Oswalt threw an insane 74 strikes in 95 total pitches vs. Cincinnati on Wednesday, and if he'd thrown just a couple fewer strikes, he might have thrown a no-hitter.

Oswalt in today's game is a mutant, a freak. No-one throws strikes like he does. According to Baseball-Reference, Roy is throwing 76% of his pitches for strikes this year. Compare that to Tim Hudson--who you may have heard is having a pretty good year--at 64%. Or compare the same Kyle Lohse Oswalt faced and beat last night. Lohse may not be all that good, but he did come into last night's game leading the National League in strikeout-to-walk ratio. Yet Lohse still was only throwing 66% of his pitches for strikes.

After seeing all four of Oswalt's hits allowed tonight come on 0 - 2 pitches, you might even ask whether Oswalt throws too many strikes. I'd have no way to answer that question, but I do know that the man pitches backwards: in a world where many of our best, high strikeout, pitchers work to get to 0 - 2 so they can get their hitters to chase something out of the zone, Oswalt does not appear to change his behavior when ahead. If anything, he gets more aggressive.

Like I've said before, there's no-one like him.

Average Game Scores for Starters
Through May 2
Pitcher IP High Game Score Average Game Score
Jennings 12 64 58.00
Oswalt 50 76 57.86
Rodriguez 26 62 54.00
Sampson 22 65 49.00
Albers 14 1/3 53 42.33
Williams 35 53 40.83
High Game Score - 76, Oswalt, on April 7
Low Game Score - 9, Sampson, on April 23
Game High, Strikeouts - 8, Sampson, on April 28
Game High, Walks - 6, Oswalt, on April 13
Game High, IP - 9, Oswalt, on April 7
High Seasonal K/BB - 3.00, Jennings
Low Seasonal Starter's WHIP - 1.16, Jennings
High Seasonal Starter's WHIP - 1.74, Albers