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Matchup/Game Thread vs. Reds 7:05 CDT

Matt Belisle Jason Jennings
4 - 4, 4.65 0 - 1, 3.00

Must be we're not the only ones who've been seeing more than their share of troubles. Milwaukee's lost six straight, and have capitalized on Houston's extended travails by picking up exactly one game on us in the last ten.

Cincinnati's the worst team in the league by won/loss, and the Cardinals haven't been able to pass us, despite the fact we've lost eight straight.

These guys suck.

I wouldn't seriously suggest that the Astros given their myriad problems have any real shot at the playoffs (and Prospectus wouldn't either), but the fact is, the Astros should have been buried by now.

Two weeks ago, the 'Stros were treading water, 4-1/2 back, in second place. Now, after having lost a pathetic 10 of 11 since then--including a humiliating eight straight--they're 6-1/2 back of the division "leaders," in fourth. They've lost al of two games in the standings, and fell back a maximum of three games to anyone in the field.

Hell, with sad ass competition like this, with competition that flounders instead of sticking the knife in us like it should, maybe we do have a shot at the division crown.

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Jason Jennings is finally back to put his team-leading Average Game Score where his mouth is, but I'm more fascinated by who will be leaving. Logic says McLemore, who got his taza de café en Houston, but I still suspect it will be Lane, who has no function within the team right now.

None at all.