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Matchup/Game Thread vs. Diamondbacks 8:40 CDT

Woody Williams Edgar Gonzalez
1 - 6, 5.11 1 - 2, 4.81

It is so wrong to blame Adam Evertt for what's gone wrong with our season. The list of those who haven't gotten it done is long, a line starting with this evening's rightfielder(!), moving through to our starter, meandering by our pencilled in third baseman, etc, etc.

But still, how does it happen that you wake up one morning in May with a .188 average. What's gotta go down before you're the worst hitting regular in all baseball?

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Everett actually began the season with a five-game hit streak, and was OPSing .914 on April 9. Since then, however, he has taken an ohfer an astounding 18 times in 37 games played.

I think anyone in baseball would play Adam every day if he were hitting .250. In recognition of his defensive wizardry, I would gladly try to make a case for him as a starter if he were at .240, or even .235.

But as Adam coasts safely below the Mendoza line, there's only one place he should be: riding the pine, waiting to come in as yon late-innings defensive replacement.