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Matchup/Game Thread vs. Giants 9:15 CST

Astros VS Giants
Zito VS Albers
Barry Zito Matt Albers
3 - 5, 5.13 1 - 3, 6.51

Yawn... another late game. I stayed up last night until about 1:30 trying to get my computer back in order and watching the game only to see the Astros get their tails stomped 4-2 against a rookie kid. Well, I guess one thing we can be thankful about having the late game... we're not having to miss American Idol. =)

Everyone should go ahead and say their good bye's to Matt Albers. Tonight is probably going to be his last outing before getting sent back to the minors so Jason Jennings can get brought back up to the big club. The only other option would be releasing Woody Williams which isn't going to happen. So say good bye to Albers who has had some good outings this year, and some bad outings. Unfortunately for him, he's 1-3 and his bad outings ballooned his ERA to a massive 6.51.

Giants Astros
Winn, CF
Lewis, RF
Klesko, LF
Durham, 2B
Molina, C
Feliz, 3B
Aurillia, 1B
Vizquel, SS
Zito, P
Biggio, 2B
Ensberg, 3B
Loretta, 1B
Lee, LF
Pence, CF
Lane, RF
Everett, SS
Quintero, C
Albers, P

Something looks really odd about our lineup tonight... what could it be... No Berkman? Really? I know he's been having a rough go at it, but I'm still really surprised to see him get a day off. I can without a doubt say that this is the first time we've seen this lineup this year with Berkman missing his first game of the year. Berkman and Lee have been the only Astros so far this year to play every game(45 games). Hopefully this is the last time we see Berkman out of the lineup until he gets his 2nd rest at 90 games.