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Matchup/Game Thread at San Francisco 9:15 CDT

Chris Sampson Noah Lowry
4 - 3, 3.56 4 - 4, 3.04

Congratulations to Hunter Pence, baseball's hottest rookie, and last week's NL Co-Player of the Week.

I'm here to tell you that the frenzy is on with Pence in the baseball card world; cards that should be going for five or ten bucks even given his hotshit rookie status are going for over 30 . . . and I myself ain't exactly helping the market cool down, put it that way.

eTopps began the weeklong IPO on Pence's card today, and usually, eTopps are lousy investments, but with Pence, that's unlikely to be the case. His eTopps card will be numbered to only 899, and I'd bet those who buy this week at $8.50 will see the card at 25 bucks in two months.

Assuming Pence's hitting doesn't fall off a cliff, that is, and that he isn't benched for defensive insubordination.

The latter being a bit more likely than the first in my own jaded estimation.

Pence is rapidly becoming a phenomenon, but I hate that hot dog shit he pulls in the field, really I do.

And I bet Luke Scott and Jason Lane aren't so wild about it, either.