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Matchup/Game Thread vs. Reds

Kyle Lohse Roy Oswalt
1 - 1, 2.88 3 - 2, 3.43

I don't know about the rest of you, but I, without question, relate to the universe in terms of the Astros.

If that sounds a little fuzzy, let me explain. If I'm having a bad day, let's say I made a mistake that cost the company some money at work, got stuck in traffic, and came home to find out that the cats had knocked over a planter, at the end of the night before I do the shuteye thing, I'm likely to say to myself, "and to top it all off, the Astros blew a three run lead . . . life does suck."

But if I had the same crappy day, except that Wheeler and Qualls and Lidge and the rest of 'em got it done, I'm likely to mumble, "yeah, today sucked, but at least the Astros won."

What I'm saying is that my attitude, my mood, and the Astros' performance are directly related. A winstreak goes down, and I feel great, even when contemplating things that have nothing to do with the city of Houston, or major league baseball. A losing streak accumulates, and my first reaction to everything is that it's simply more misery heaped upon me.

For the most part, I expect events in my life to follow that pattern. Good things with the Astros, good things with life. Bad things with Astros, bad things with life.

But losing streak or no, today was a good day. My Visa card officially now has zero balance, the bank credited my account the 175 dollars we were arguing about, and I found someone who would not only deliver that refrigerator I'm buying on a Saturday, but they'll haul off the old one, PLUS I'm saving 400 bucks over what I thought I'd be paying.

Other than the headache I had when I woke up, a great day, all around.

Therefore--and try to stay with my reasoning here--the Astros should win tonight. The fact that Roy Oz is going tonight only reinforces this belief.

The logic, to me, is impeccable.

And I bet everyone crazy enough to come here and read understands exactly what I mean.

Tim thought that with the struggles Luke has been having, Chris Burke should be playing right. I think Jason Lane should get the promotion. Check out Lee Sinins' Bases Per Plate Appearance:

Bases per Plate Appearance
J Lane 42 .558 .548
M Lamb 28 .543 .500
C Biggio 95 .490 .474
L Berkman 86 .469 .337
C Burke 75 .448 .347
M Ensberg 73 .442 .370
M Loretta 41 .432 .415
O Palmeiro 16 .429 .250
A Everett 79 .416 .342
B Ausmus 61 .406 .361
L Scott 64 .400 .344
C Lee 99 .396 .434
H Pence 11 .333 .273
H Quintero 21 .304 .286
M Albers 4 .250 .250
C Sampson 8 .125 .125
R Oswalt 12 .083 .083
W Williams 13 .077 .077

Did you realize that Craig Biggio leads the team in total bases?

Me neither.