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Game Hero, 21 - 21

Wandy Rodriguez
  • 6 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 7 K, 2 BB
  • 65 Game Score, Personal high this season
  • Fifth Quality Start in eight games
  • Fourth Straight Win for the Astros when he starts

Wandy was like a stopper tonight, unbelievable. He was like, "I am Wandy the Wandyful, and I'm not giving up any early runs so that our team is playing from behind again. Not tonight. I'm gonna work from ahead in the count, and when I come to my inevitable bump in the road, I'm gonna flatten it like I was using a freakin' steamroller."

It's true, that's what he said.

OK, maybe not, but he could've.

Fact is, the Astros needed a well-pitched game tonight afer Albers' disaster last night, and after three days of scuffling from our hitters. And Rodriguez gave them that, pretty straightforwardly. There wasn't much question he was in control when he struck out the heart of the Rangers order swinging in the fourth, and there isn't much question now that he was the Game Hero, holding the fort 'til the cavalry arrived in the form of a bat-around inning.

But let's take this a bit further, if we could, beyond tonight's game, because if you look at the numbers, Wandy has actually been one of the premier lefthanded starters in the entire National League. He is now (and has been) fifth among National League lefthanded starters in strikeout to walk ratio, and fourth among that same group in K/9. He's sixth among NL lefties in WHIP, seventh in average Game Score, and just for throughness, sixth in Defense Independent ERA.

And oh yeah, he's way better--at least right now--than a certain high priced free agent:

A Tale of Two Lefties
Name Barry Zito Wandy Rodriguez
Salary $10,000,000 $407,000
ERA 5.13 3.99
Quality Starts 5 5
Average Game Score 47.4 54.8