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'Stros Bat Around; Wandy's 2nd Win of Season

Heck of a game by Wandy tonight.  6 innings with 1 ER, 2 walks and 7 strike outs earns Wandy his 2nd win of the season and lowers his ERA under 4.00(3.99) for the first time in over a month.  That's two straight outings for Wandy where he only gave up 1 run.  Unfortunately, that means if he keeps his current steak of 2 good games and then a bad game, then he's due to have a bad outing next time out.  Hopefully he can break that trend and have another good outing next time out.

When I seen the pitcher we were facing tonight, I figured we'd put up runs in bunches... I didn't expect that pitcher to put up a bunch of 0's.  Koronka who was making his first big league start this year, hasn't had good numbers in his past big league outings, and isn't really putting up good numbers in the minors; but he did pretty well tonight for the most part, putting up 0's in 4 of the 6 innings pitched.  Then all hell broke loose in the 6th inning when the "Good Guys" put up 5 runs to seal the deal and cruise back to .500.  Overall we were pretty good offensively tonight.  Every starter except Ausmus tallied a hit tonight with Pence and Biggio leading the team with 2 hits each.  Pence is now batting .356, slugging over .650 and has an OBP up around .400.  I think it's time he starts leading off...  Move Biggio to 2nd(or 6th) and let Pence take his hacks at leading off.  He has the speed and he's getting on base a lot now... Let's see how he does.  

Next up, the Rangers again tomorrow at 1:05 PM as Woody Williams tries to follow suit and earn his 2nd win of the season against Brandon McCarthy.